Red Box Quantify QM™ will help you improve quality in your contact centre.
It's the perfect quality monitoring and quality evaluation package that enables you to perform everything from agent evaluation and assessment to training and coaching.
And the results? With Quantify QM™, you'll deliver measurable enhancements in vital areas such as call handling time and first call resolution.
So simple to use
Quantify QM™ is very easy to get to grips with. It's designed for supervisors and managers without specific IT training and requires no specialist knowledge.
Yet the application, which integrates seamlessly with Quantify Recording Suite, offers:
Live monitoring
Synchronised voice and screen recording
Automated scheduling of calls based on pre-defined search criteria for team leaders
Customised scoring forms based on your evaluation criteria
Flexible reports to save you time
It also links to PCI suppression for compliance and allows supervisors to distribute coaching tips with best-practice examples.
Contact centre professionals want to spend time managing their agents, not their quality management system. Quantify QM™ lets them do just that.
Smaller contact centre? Go Lite
Quantify QM™Lite gives the same advantages, but is based on a single server for maximum cost-effectiveness.