Whatever radio system you operate, whether traditional analogue or fully-digital, Red Box provides native radio recording integration. That includes Tetra recording and Airwave recording, and it's because we support all interface types.
IPT recording and more
The audio interface can be made via a traditional E1 or PCM connection or, on the latest-generation systems, via an IP interface. Most radio system vendors deliver additional radio data; again Red Box links to these interfaces with PTT information such as Talk Group, Radio ID, ISSI and system information including emergency call details.
Unlimited flexibility
With Red Box, you benefit from a single converged server and our advanced Quantify Recording Suite.
In common with our converged recording platform, Red Box radio recording supports concurrent TDM capacity up to the server limitations (number of PCIx slots) and up to 256 channels of VoIP, so it's easy to achieve a system with 480 channels of E1 and 256 of IP.
The solution records, stores and archives all voice recordings and associated CTI or other data in the same way for consistency across your communications infrastructure.
Major manufacturers
For radio recording, Red Box partners with leading interface companies, including:
•EADS (incl. Nokia)
•Harris (incl. MA/COM)
•Aastra (incl. Ericsson and Marconi)
•SELEX Elsag