Red Box TDM recording integrates fully with traditional analogue and digital telephony platforms. We use industry-leading line interface cards for integration with major telephony systems, including:
•Digital Extensions 
Whatever your system, Red Box Quantify Recording Suite will effortlessly manage voice recording across it.
Extension-side digital interfaces
Extension-side voice recording captures all external and internal communications between users of your PABX. It's possible to detect and capture most digital events and information. This means that we can provide customisable record triggers and capture any information displayed on the telephone handset such as CLI, dialled digits and extension number.
If you have digital extensions, this is often a complete solution in itself. It doesn't require additional CTI integration and licensing from both switch and voice recording vendors.
E1, T1 and analogue recording
Trunk-side voice recording captures all communications between external individuals and users within the organisation, but not internal calls. If you have a trunk-side solution, you may need additional data from the switch for information about each call, its destination (extension) origin (CLI) and often the agent ID. PABX integration via CDR or CTI ports offers the facility to tag all calls with the switch-generated data.
Unlimited channels
The Red Box solution can manage up to 480 channels of E1 or PCM30 and 240 channels of analogue or digital extension, and 192 T1 in a single server. This capacity is based on a server with eight slots for installation of PCI or PCIx interface cards. Interface types can be mixed without limitation; further voice recorders can be added to a system to scale to any number of devices or channels that need to be recorded.
Capacity per card is:
•Analogue and digital cards – eight, 16 or 24 channels
•E1 and PCM cards – 30 or 60 channels
•T1 – 24 channels
For ultimate flexibility, the Red Box recorder can license whole or partial interfaces to suit scale and budget.