Do you need to store recordings and data offsite or offline using removable media – say, to achieve PCI-compliant voice recording storage? We've a range of options for archiving and retention.
What's more, all Red Box storage solutions use our unique 'calls plus data' format, ensuring archives are a full chronological back-up of your call recordings.
Unattended storage
DVD RAM: low cost and readily available, this provides 9.4 GB of unattended storage (4.7 GB per side x two drives) with long shelf-life and fast, easy access for future replay.
DDS5 digital tape: makes sense if you have larger data throughput or need longer periods of unattended archiving. With up to 80 GB storage on each tape and low media costs, this option can offer up to 160 GB unattended access.
Network storage (NAS)
Red Box network storage lets you archive directly online to any network location. With multiplication group-based archiving rules, and so on, it's extremely flexible.
You can also use NAS to generate offline back-up for long-term storage. This gives fully integrated data retention in line with normal IT processes – it simply uses a small amount of online storage backed-up regularly by your standard methods. The solution offers simple replay for recovering calls from a back-up and needs no extra administration.
And, of course, it can be made even more efficient with Red Box NAS compression.