Resilient recording can play a big part in ensuring business continuity. It enables you to provide a fully-available service, with uninterrupted call recording and access to calls.
Further: it can make your business more agile by allowing staff to work more flexibly, such as remotely. You'll be safe in the knowledge that every call is recorded.
99.999% recording
The Red Box voice recording solution, Quantify, lets you achieve 99.999% recording system uptime without loss of calls or data by tailoring the system's fault tolerance – single or tandem components, hot-swap components, plus telecom interface, recorder or archive redundancy.
That's a technical way to say that it's incredibly adaptable.
Built with resilience in mind
The Red Box solution has been designed for resilience, so that you can capture recordings and keep them securely in a system that's easy to manage. Here's how:
Unique frame-based recording format
Data written to disk every five seconds
Fully-recoverable storage and archiving
No single point of hardware or recording failure
Software that makes system back-up and restore simple
Read how resilient recording works in disaster recovery using our master/slave configuration.