LifeSize Connections
Simple to Use
    Featuring 9-way video conference call bridging, data-sharing, instant messaging and voice, LifeSize Connections provides you the quality you’ve come to expect with LifeSize HD video conferencing equipment, without the complexity and maintenance that comes with installing hardware. Secure, immersive communication in the cloud means you can be up and running video conferencing sessions and can expand it to other users within minutes.

    LifeSize Connections, cloud-based video conferencing, is interoperable with LifeSize HD video systems: LifeSize 220 Series (LifeSize Room 220, LifeSize Team 220, LifeSize Express 220); and LifeSize Passport. Now remote employees can connect from a Mac or PC to meeting rooms so no one will miss an important meeting again.

Flexible and Cost-Effective
    LifeSize Connections video conference calls are the epitome of anywhere, anytime access. Natural, realistic interactions, data-sharing, instant messaging and voice can now be added to any user at a moment’s notice. With flexible and predictable pay-as-you-go pricing—starting at an MSRP of US$30/month for a desktop seat and US$100/month for a meeting room seat—and free guest invitations, users can be up and running in this engaging environment for less than the price of regular phone service.