Red Box Quantify CallSafe allows you to keep calls for investigation and compliance or legal disclosure – indefinitely if necessary.
Quantify CallSafe can be used across a range of sectors, but specifically it provides 'litigation hold' in financial trading.
Locks the original call
With a single click of a 'padlock' icon, Quantify CallSafe puts the call, or set of calls, into secure network storage. While in litigation hold, the call can't be altered or overwritten, but it can easily be referenced with a note or incident number.
There's no effect on other calls; these stay compliant with your usual retention requirements, such as data protection.
Works with other Quantify applications
Quantify Event Reconstruct is an ideal complement to Quantify CallSafe in investigating incidents and compiling evidence.
In addition, Quantify AudioSearch confirms 'who said what' for quick dispute resolution.