UK financial services organisations must comply with market regulations for mobile phone and cell phone recording and storage. These regulations demand complete mobile electronic communication recording of financial transactions.
Developed by our own software engineers, Red Box's Quantify Mobile Recording Suite is a simple way to achieve stringent compliance recording requirements without hardware or hassle.
Highly capable mobile phone recording
Quantify Mobile Recording Suite will get you up and running quickly. It works with your BlackBerry® or Android™ mobile service as an on-premise or hosted recording system. Users make or receive calls in the usual way, with almost no change in their experience of the mobile handset.
The mobile phone call recording solution is extremely flexible: it integrates with the Red Box Quantify Recording Suite and offers full security and support for disaster recovery.
Lower-cost mobile recording
Quantify Mobile Recording Suite is around half the cost of other alternatives because it treats mobile recording exactly the same as fixed-line recording. That means you pay less per user. Moreover, there's no additional hardware or complex licensing – one licence per user covers everything.
If you haven't installed a satisfactory mobile recording solution, contact Red Box now.