Incident investigation
Quantify Event Reconstruct

Red Box Quantify Event Reconstruct makes it simpler to investigate incidents for compliance or evidence & disclosure, especially when used in conjunction with the fast search and retrieval of Quantify AudioSearch.
It enables you to reconstruct single events from multiple sources such as audio files, CCTV, PC screen recording and SMS. Quantify Event Reconstruct allows you to manage large volumes of recordings using a visual timeline and synchronise up to 50 outputs at once.
Designed for rapid results
With Quantify Event Reconstruct you can start collecting evidence very quickly; it needs minimal training and is optimised for touchscreen applications. There’s a workspace area with simple ‘click and drag’ – allowing you to sort and select from potentially thousands of recording files – and the facility to add notes or comments.
Quantify Event Reconstruct is also ideal for investigation teams: a group of users can work on the same case and consolidate files into a secure, shared workspace for output to other evidential systems. All calls are authenticated and so are court-admissible.
Whether you’re a compliance or disclosure officer, Quantify Event Reconstruct will make your life easier.