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Quantify PCI Suppression

PCI DSS compliance (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Compliance), means that you have to 'NOT RECORD' payment details. Quantify provides many "out of the box" options to let you decide how DSS compliance works for your organisation and implement this cost-effectively.
Compliance recording through silence
Red Box Quantify PCI Suppression enables you to make authenticated voice or screen records with suppressed audio (silence) automatically to achieve data security compliance. The software just triggers PCI suppression when an agent opens a card-payment application to capture sensitive information that's spoken or visible on the payment card application.
This option automatically blanks the audio and any screen recording during payment process and automatically resumes when complete. It's secure recording at its simplest.
There are also options to initiate suppression manually, and you can configure the application yourself or ask us to do it. Either way, we're pleased to help and provide all the guidance you need on PCI call recording.
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