Voice recording software
Quantify Recording Suite

The latest version of the Red Box Quantify Recording Suite gives you access to a complete set of voice recording and call recording software applications. All Red Box audio recording software is just that: software-only. You don't need additional hardware, it's possible to add features as you require them and the applications scale effortlessly with business growth.
Connectivity is built in: Quantify Recording Suite offers full audio and data integration with leading switches, so you can find the calls you need.
Easy yet powerful voice recording software
Quantify Recording Suite's intuitive web-based interface lets you do so much from the start, with minimal training. It's designed around your workflow and never dictates how you should work.
Integral to Quantify Recording Suite is simultaneous search and replay. Authorised users can add notes or tags to any call in the voice recorder database, which can be used later as search and replay criteria.
Quantify Recording Suite also enables you to combine all calls per user from different devices: for example, a police officer may have a phone and radio; financial dealers 

Who's it for?
Quantify Recording Suite is ideal for a wide range of sectors:
Public safety: mission-critical recording for emergency services, transportation and air traffic control
Contact centres: call handling interaction analysis to improve processes and training
Government and military: specialist security monitoring and surveillance
Financial trading: regulation and compliance for communication
A window into your organisation
Quantify Recording Suite incorporates a visual timeline that lets you see what's happening inside your voice recording system. This can be vital when you need to piece together events for investigation; it can be enhanced further with Quantify Event Reconstruct.
Live monitoring for contact centres
Using Quantify Recording Suite's Live Acquire, supervisors or team leaders can select any agent or extension and monitor calls in progress or via instant replay through a headset or remote device.
Audio analytics and quality management
Quantify AudioSearchextends the capability of Quantify Recording Suite further still. It allows you to analyse calls - both spoken words and call data - directly from the search tool. This provides powerful and intelligent results, particularly when used with our Quantify QM™quality monitoring application for scheduling calls that need evaluation.